An inclusive digital economy for people with disabilities

Future employees and other people with disabilities will acquire new digital skills that will make their daily work easier, especially when working remotely

Our Objectives

To empower persons with disabilities, transform their position in society, and ensure persons with disabilities can access their rights in the new world of work and beyond.

To equip VET Providers with a Training Programme to assist people with disabilities acquire digital skills.

To make employers more inclusive with persons with disabilities identifying actions needed to shape a future of work in a more disability-inclusive way.

To achieve equal employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

Project Mission

DIGITABILITY Project’s vision is to promote people with disabilities’ employment by enhancing their digital skills and competences to support a remote working scheme through the development of a more resilient digital educational scheme for both training providers and trainees. In this view, VET providers and Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) associations will be equipped with useful tools (Training Course, VET Trainers Certification, Open Learning Platform) to effectively respond to their stakeholders’ needs and will provide its trainers with improved knowledge for delivering training to people with disabilities.

Target group

VET Providers (including those specialized in Employees with Disabilities)

SMEs associations

SMEs and Large Companies

Employees with Disabilities

Candidate Employees with Disabilities


Chambers of Commerce

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